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How To Make Danish Open Sandwiches


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Do you want to try making your own Danish ‘smørrebrød’? ‘How to Make Danish Open Sandwiches’ contains all you need to make and enjoy the most delicious and popular pieces of Danish smørrebrød.

This book guides you all the way from making the sourdough to the beverages that go with each type of open sandwich. Open sandwiches are the national dish of Denmark and the only food that is truly unique to Denmark. Danish open sandwiches are therefore not only a delicious lunch but also a cultural treat. If you are looking for a fun time building your favorite ‘smørrebrød’ with your friends or family, this book is for you.

From this book, you will learn how to make the most popular types of open sandwiches using easy recipes, learn how to bake rye bread and make sourdough, understand the history behind ‘smørrebrød’, learn the special ‘rules’ for composing and mixing toppings and garnish, and know what beverages go with each type of open sandwich.

The book is full of easy-to-follow recipes for beginners. It is a great introduction to Danish and Nordic cuisine if you travel to the region or want to try to re-make the sandwiches that you tried on your vacation in Denmark.

‘How to Make Danish Open Sandwiches’ is written by author and podcaster, Steven Højlund (Ph.D.). Growing up in Denmark, Steven has always enjoyed the Danish open sandwiches and appreciated the many ‘rules’ governing their composition. Danes know instinctively how to compose each of the most popular open sandwiches from a lunch buffet at a canteen in Denmark. But, as Steven discovered looking at the lunch plates of his foreign colleagues, it is not obvious for everyone how to make a proper open sandwich with the right composition of toppings and garnish. He wrote this book to guide foreigners living in Denmark as well as people abroad wishing to know more about Danish cuisine and have fun making Danish open-faced sandwiches. ‘Skål’ and ‘velbekomme!’.


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