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Living Settling in Denmark

Top 20 Things About Living in Denmark


Denmark, a beautiful Nordic country, consistently ranks as one of the happiest and most livable countries in the world. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, excellent work-life balance, and friendly people, it’s no wonder that Denmark is such an attractive destination for expats. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the top 20 best things about living in Denmark, providing you with valuable insights into what makes this remarkable country an exceptional place to call home.

1.Excellent Work- Life Balance

Denmark is known for its excellent work-life balance. The standard workweek is just 37 hours, and companies prioritize the well-being of their employees by offering flexible working hours, generous parental leave policies, and plenty of vacation time. This focus on work-life balance allows residents to enjoy more time with family and friends, pursuing hobbies and interests outside of the office. Denmark’s culture encourages a healthy balance between personal and professional life, and the country consistently ranks highly in the OECD Better Life Index for work-life balance. Danish companies also emphasize a collaborative work environment, fostering strong relationships among colleagues, further contributing to overall employee satisfaction.

2. High-Quality Healthcare System

Living in Denmark offers a high standard of living with excellent healthcare and education systems. The Danish healthcare system is universally accessible and funded through taxes, ensuring that all residents have access to high-quality medical care. This comprehensive system includes primary care services, specialist care, and hospital care, with a strong emphasis on preventative medicine and overall well-being. Denmark’s healthcare system ranks highly in the Euro Health Consumer Index, reflecting its quality and accessibility. Furthermore, Denmark is known for its excellent mental health care, with numerous resources and initiatives available to support the mental well-being of its residents.

3. World-Class Education System

Denmark, a beautiful Nordic country, consistently ranks as one of the happiest and most livable countries in the world.
World-Class Education System in Denmark

Denmark’s education system is renowned for its quality and accessibility. Public education is free for all residents, and the country boasts an extensive network of well-regarded schools and universities. Denmark’s emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, and student-centered learning fosters a supportive environment for personal growth and development. The country’s PISA scores consistently rank among the best in the world, highlighting the success of its educational approach. Denmark also offers a variety of international schools and bilingual programs, making it an ideal destination for expat families.

4. Safety and Low Crime Rate

Denmark consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world, thanks to its low crime rate and strong sense of community. Police are approachable and responsive, and residents can feel secure knowing that they live in a safe and peaceful environment, whether in bustling cities like Copenhagen or Aarhus or quiet rural areas. According to the Global Peace Index, Denmark is among the top 10 safest countries in the world. The country’s emphasis on trust and social cohesion contributes to a strong sense of security and belonging for both locals and expats.

5. Biking Culture

Biking Culture In Denmark
Photo of tourists riding bicycles and enjoying the city ride

Cycling is an integral part of Danish culture, with extensive bike lanes, bike-friendly infrastructure, and a widespread biking culture. Copenhagen, the country’s capital, is often called the “bicycle capital of the world” and consistently ranks as one of the most bike-friendly cities according to the Copenhagenize Index. This eco-friendly mode of transportation benefits the environment and contributes to a healthier, more active

6. Scenic Landscapes

Denmark’s stunning landscapes include picturesque coastlines, lush forests, charming countryside, and idyllic islands. The country’s diverse natural beauty provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and exploring national parks. Some of Denmark’s most famous natural attractions include the Møns Klint chalk cliffs, Råbjerg Mile sand dunes, and the Wadden Sea National Park. Denmark’s commitment to preserving its natural environment ensures that future generations can continue to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes.

7. Hygge Lifestyle

The Danish concept of “hygge” revolves around creating a cozy, warm atmosphere and enjoying life’s simple pleasures with loved ones. This focus on relaxation, togetherness, and contentment is a core aspect of Danish culture and contributes to the country’s high levels of happiness and well-being. From candlelit dinners to cozy evenings with friends, hygge can be found in everyday moments and serves as a reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. Denmark’s emphasis on hygge has gained international recognition, inspiring people worldwide to embrace this unique approach to happiness. The cost of living in Denmark is generally higher compared to many other countries in Europe.

8. Environmental Consciousness

Denmark is a global leader in sustainability and environmental consciousness. The country is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through clean energy initiatives, eco-friendly policies, and widespread recycling programs. Denmark’s dedication to environmental responsibility makes it an ideal destination for those who prioritize sustainability. The country has ambitious goals, such as being carbon neutral by 2050 and generating 100% of its energy from renewable sources. Denmark is also home to numerous green cities, including Copenhagen, which aims to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Living in Denmark grants you the opportunity to experience a strong sense of community and social cohesion.

9. Vibrant Culture and History

Vibrant Culture and History In Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark -Danish Guard

Denmark is steeped in history and boasts a vibrant cultural scene. From world-class museums and historic sites like the National Museum of Denmark and Kronborg Castle to music festivals and art galleries, there’s always something interesting to see and do. Denmark’s rich cultural heritage is a testament to the country’s long history and diverse influences, ranging from its Viking roots to modern-day design and innovation. The country also hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, such as the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Aarhus Festival, offering residents the chance to engage with Danish culture and experience world-class performances.

10. Friendly and Welcoming People

The Danes are known for their warmth, sense of humor, and openness towards foreigners. This friendliness makes it easy for expats to feel at home and build lasting connections with locals. Denmark’s strong sense of community encourages social interactions, and many expats find themselves quickly integrated into Danish social circles. Additionally, numerous expat groups and organizations provide opportunities for newcomers to connect with others who share their experiences and interests.

11. High Standard of Living

Denmark offers a high standard of living, with clean cities, efficient public transportation systems, and well-maintained infrastructure. The country’s strong social welfare system ensures that residents have access to essential services and support, contributing to a high quality of life. Denmark also boasts a low level of income inequality, which further contributes to the overall well-being of its residents. Denmark consistently ranks highly in global quality of life rankings, such as the Human Development Index and the World Happiness Report.

12. Tasty Danish Cuisine

Denmark’s culinary scene offers a diverse range of delicious traditional dishes, such as smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), frikadeller (meatballs), and the famous Danish pastry. The country is also home to a growing number of Michelin-starred restaurants, showcasing innovative and world-class cuisine. Copenhagen, in particular, is a food lover’s paradise, with the renowned Noma restaurant, which has been named the world’s best restaurant multiple times. Denmark’s food scene also emphasizes locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, promoting sustainability and supporting local producers.

13. Accessible Public Transportation

Denmark’s public transportation system is efficient, reliable, and affordable, making it easy to navigate the country without a car. The extensive network of trains, buses, and metro services connects cities, towns, and rural areas, ensuring that residents can easily explore all that Denmark has to offer. The Rejseplanen app is a popular tool for planning trips and finding the best routes across the country. Denmark’s commitment to sustainable transportation is also evident in its widespread use of electric buses and trains, further reducing its carbon footprint.

14. Thriving Design Scene

Denmark is renowned for its sleek, minimalist design aesthetic, which is evident in its architecture, furniture, and fashion. The country’s thriving design scene offers a wealth of inspiration for those interested in design, art, and creativity. Danish design emphasizes functionality, simplicity, and timeless beauty, and has influenced the global design landscape for decades. Copenhagen’s Designmuseum Danmark and the annual Copenhagen Design Week are must-visits for design enthusiasts.

15. High English Proficiency

The majority of Danes speak English fluently, making it easy for expats to communicate and navigate daily life in Denmark. This high level of English proficiency also extends to the workplace, where many companies use English as their working language. Denmark consistently ranks among the top countries for English proficiency in the EF English Proficiency Index, ensuring that language barriers are minimal for English-speaking expats.

16. Proximity to Other European Destinations

Denmark’s strategic location in Northern Europe means that it’s easy to travel to other European countries for weekend getaways or longer vacations. The well-connected transportation network and proximity to major European cities make it simple to explore the continent. Copenhagen Airport is a major hub, offering direct flights to numerous European destinations. The Øresund Bridge also connects Denmark to Sweden, providing easy access to Scandinavia and beyond by car or train.

17. Sports and Outdoor Activities

Sports and Outdoor Activities
Sports and Outdoor Activities

Denmark offers a wide range of sports and outdoor activities for residents to enjoy. From water sports like sailing and kayaking to team sports like soccer and handball, there’s something for everyone. The country’s commitment to promoting an active lifestyle ensures that there are ample opportunities to stay fit and healthy. Denmark also boasts numerous sports clubs and recreational facilities, catering to a wide range of interests and skill levels.

18. Gender Equality

Denmark is a global leader in gender equality, with progressive policies and a strong commitment to promoting equal opportunities for men and women. The country’s focus on gender equality extends to the workplace, education, and political representation. Denmark consistently ranks highly in the Global Gender Gap Index and is known for its family-friendly policies, such as generous parental leave and affordable childcare options. Danish women also enjoy a high level of labor force participation, contributing to the country’s strong economy and social cohesion.

19. Strong Economy and Job Opportunities

Denmark has a strong economy, characterized by low unemployment rates, a skilled workforce, and a thriving startup scene. The country’s job market offers a variety of opportunities for both locals and expats, particularly in industries like technology, healthcare, and renewable energy. Denmark is home to several international companies, such as LEGO, Novo Nordisk, and Vestas, which provide employment opportunities for professionals across various sectors. The country’s supportive business environment and innovative spirit also make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and startups. Lastly living in Denmark provides easy access to other European countries, allowing residents to explore different cultures and travel extensively.

20. Family-Friendly Environment

Denmark is an ideal destination for families, with a comprehensive social welfare system that supports parents and children. The country offers affordable childcare options, generous parental leave policies, and a strong emphasis on child development and well-being. Danish society values children’s rights and focuses on creating a nurturing environment for young people to thrive. Denmark’s numerous family-friendly attractions, such as Tivoli Gardens, Legoland, and a variety of parks and playgrounds, ensure that there are plenty of activities and entertainment options for families to enjoy together. The country’s strong emphasis on community and safety also contributes to a secure and supportive environment for raising children.


Denmark is a truly exceptional place to call home, offering an unparalleled quality of life, a strong sense of community, and a rich cultural heritage. With its excellent work-life balance, high standard of living, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people, it’s easy to see why Denmark consistently ranks as one of the happiest and most livable countries in the world. If you’re considering a move to this remarkable Nordic nation, we hope this expanded guide has provided you with valuable insights into what makes Denmark such an attractive destination for expats.

Living in Denmark exposes you to a diverse and inclusive society that values equality and social justice. From its world-class healthcare and education systems to its focus on sustainability and gender equality, Denmark offers a welcoming and progressive environment that supports the well-being and happiness of its residents. So, whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree looking for a peaceful and fulfilling life, Denmark has something for everyone.


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